Process consultancy


Businesses processes strongly influence, or even determine the competitiveness companies. Management of business processes should be derived from and support the company strategy. Consequently business processes must answer the following the questions;

    • To what extent do they support meeting the expectations of customers and partners?
    • How do they support the competitiveness of the company?

That is; HOW MUCH and WHICH values do they create?

In our approach harmonization of business processes and human resources is an indispensable factor in value creation. Even the best processes cannot operate without the appropriate people, so try to develop complex solutions, which can be further improved, keeping the basic principles of LEAN in focus.

Our task is to map out the operational processes, unify and optimize them, thus creating a common language so that all staff members irrespective of their areas of specialization have the same understanding. Process review, control and re-engineering contribute largely to improvement in service quality, customer satisfaction, cost effectiveness and timeliness. The company will remain competitive only when service quality is constantly supported and improved by efficient processes.