Increasing agent productivity with Altitude uCI

Dovetail Services is a subscriptions bureau representing  approximately 70 different publishers, handling subscription services for over 400 magazine brands. The contact centre provides different services such as handling new subscriptions and dealing with enquiries. Currently the contact centre provides these services over the phone, by email and by mail. The phone is king with an average of 20,000 calls a week followed by email with 15,000 emails a week. This almost doubles during the Christmas peak period.
Dovetail has been using Altitude uCI as their email handling solution since 2009.

The problem and the solution selection

Dovetail’s email turnaround time was around 72 hours, and this situation was hindering their competitive edge, hence the search for a new email handling tool.
From the new solution, the company was not only looking for faster email response times but also for a powerful reporting capability which was virtually non-existent at the time.
Altitude Software was shortlisted with two other suppliers, and finally selected because of its ease of use, flexibility and because it proved to be the most efficient in providing detailed reporting on all different categories. Dovetail can now have detailed information on how the contact centre is handling emails and also filter the information by different indicators such as date, agent, publication and publisher, as well as get crucial key performance metrics such as how quickly emails are answered.


Together with long-time partner CCT, the implementation process was heavily focused on
customising the tool to Dovetail’s very specific needs.
“We had the whole system tailored for Dovetail specifically and that enabled us to do a lot
more” claims Lyndsay Bootes, Email Marketing Team Manager.

Dovetail’s approach to this major change was to involve the entire team. This helped in two ways. Firstly, by getting input from the people that use the tool daily and have to manage and report on the results it is more likely that recurrent issues are addressed and solved right at the time of the implementation process, avoiding tweaking and further customisation projects. Secondly, it worked as a way of attenuating the resistance to change that always occurs when something new is replacing what is already familiar to staff.

Altitude Software also worked with Dovetail’s IT department during the implementation process and according to Lyndsay “Altitude’s Software services and assistance is really quick and supportive of our own IT department. They worked well together.”


The first goal was quickly achieved having email turnaround going from 72 hours to 24 actual hours, not working hours, with extra room for improvement. The company now aims to decrease response time to 12 hours in some instances, and has already done so with some customers for the past 12 months.
The agent productivity rose by 50%, going from 12 emails an hour to 18 emails an hour per agent on average.

The detailed reporting was one of the most desired features as it allows management to see how the contact centre is performing, and agents to view their progression and work towards a target.

The contact centre management can now have a clear view on how the contact centre is performing and provide exhaustive reports to their customers. These reports are greatly appreciated by the publishers, as they can easily analyse the campaign progress and evaluate the service level provided to their customers.

With Altitude uCI agents now have at their disposal, customised email templates and signatures for each publisher, which greatly eases their job and gives them much more insight into what they need to do. This is also reflected in the training time, which is as little as 10 minutes to get a new agent working on Altitude uCI.

Everything on a single page

The solution layout is another advantage pointed out by team managers, as it makes everything available on a single page. Dominic points out that Altitude’s flexibility is a key feature for management as it enables the contact centre to adapt to new issues and business needs, without the need to invest more resources.

“Flexibility is Altitude’s biggest advantage, as well as the solutions that can be drawn up to solve unique problems and challenges that arise. Altitude has been very resourceful in finding ways to help us overcome these challenges without creating a lot of different rules and lots of different policies. Probably the secret in its success is its flexibility to adapt as our business grows, evolves and develops, and Altitude has certainly proved itself capable of doing that.” Says Dominic Simmons, Contact Centre Manager.

Adrian Wright, account manager for Dovetail services claims that, “Dovetail Services is living proof of Altitude’s uCI adaptability. Being a solution mostly used to handle voice it shows how powerful it can be in multimedia channels as well. The capabilities Dovetail now has for email handling are far superior than before and there is still room for improvement, so we will continue to work on that with them”.

Dovetail is currently running a proof of concept to implement web-chat with Altitude Software.

Business Benefits

  • 50% agent productivity increase (from 12 to 18 emails answered per hour on average)
  • Email turnaround decreased from 72 hours to 24 hours on average. (some publications experience a 12 hour turnaround already)
  • It takes only 10 minutes to train a new agent to use Altitude uCI

Solution Profile

  • Altitude uCI used for email handling
  • Real time KPI’s and detailed reporting
  •  Heavy solution customisation so that it can be easily adapted to serve different
  • clients