Real Estate Developer Reaches New Customer Service Quality Levels

altitude2PIK Group is a leading Russian real estate developer, focused on large-scale residential projects within the Moscow Metropolitan Area and selected Russian regions. Since its foundation in 1994, PIK Group has become a market leader in the mass- market residential property sector, having completed over 180 000 apartments of affordable housing across the country.

The group has a substantial and diversified land bank with a net selling area of over 10 million square meters and a dedicated, professional team, with over 11,000 employees. Given its brand recognition and the scale of its operations, in 2008 the Russian Government included PIK on the list of the nation’s strategically important companies.

With a fast growing business, PIK Group needed to completely renew its call centre. With the help of BELTEL, a leading system integrator in Russia, it built a new Call Processing Centre with 173 seats, based on Altitude Software solutions. In order to answer questions and inquiries from PIK’s customers and prospects from all regions, the group employs agents divided into two categories: front office operators (first line contact with the customer) and back office managers (second line of support).

The need for a new call centre
The existing call centre was not able to satisfy PIK’s customer service needs. The Group faced a number of challenges in order to improve service:

  • It was unable to transfer contacts flexibly between operators from different regions. Also, in case of a sharp increase in contacts, it couldn’t redirect from the regions to the central office, where a considerably larger number of operators was available.
  • There was no customer interaction history, hindering the transmission of information from the operators to the managers. As a result, the caller had to repeat the reason for his call several times.
  • The first line of operators was not able to see the managers’ status (free, busy, present, absent). So they had to make several attempts to transfer a call until a manager was available.
  • There was no possibility to deliver detailed reports on agent work and service levels, which made operations management much more difficult.
  • The system was unable to monitor operations in real time and to control operators and managers efficiency.

Higher service quality
To support the need for higher levels of contact service quality and to improve customer satisfaction, the management of PIK Group decided to modernise the Call Processing Centre and to integrate it with its own Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. Therefore, PIK opted for the Altitude uCI solution, one of the few solutions able to offer the necessary flexibility and features. BELTEL was selected as the integrator of this solution, as it had extensive experience in the contact centre industry on the local market. BELTEL’s specialists helped PIK Group in all stages of implementation, including the customer business processes audit and the functional design of the new solution.

Business benefits

  • Automation of the business processes of PIK Group
  • Agents need less time to handle calls and are more efficient
  • Improved customer service

PIK’s call handling process
The newly implemented Call Processing Centre now handles calls in several steps. Incoming calls enter Altitude’s IVR solution, which welcomes the caller and routes the call to the right agent, in function of pre-set calendar days, weekdays, hours of the day, and the relevant office, etc. When the agent receives the call, the Front Office identifies the caller and retrieves all useful information in the Microsoft CRM. The Altitude uAgent desktop solution guides the agent in handling the call, or transfers it to the back-office, together with all the caller data.

A close integration between Microsoft CRM and Altitude
A crucial project feature was the integration of the Call Processing Centre with the Microsoft’s CRM system, which was implemented with Softline, a provider of IT services. This integration was possible thanks to the in-house functionality of the Altitude uCI solution and a customization based on the Altitude uCI programming language. This allowed for a close integration of the two systems, resulting in a single working environment to run the business effectively.

Solution profile

  • Altitude Voice (Inbound and Power Dial)
  • Altitude Unified Routing
  • Altitude uAgent
  • Altitude IVR
  • Altitude Developer
  • Altitude uSupervisor
  • Altitude Publisher
  • Altitude Reporting Framework
  • Altitude vBox
  • High Availability License