First time in Hungary: Altitude Software

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERACall and contact center should not invest in proprietary and interdependent technology, because in this fast changing domain, your business processes need to stay “above the fray” – thinks Fabien Frenay, Sales Director Benelux, Central- and Eastern Europe at Altitude Software. Altitude Software is the Gold Sponsor of the Partnering CE Expo.

PCE Expo: – What is your main purpose for participating in the Partnering CE Expo?

Fabien Frenay: – This event is the ideal platform to listen to the needs of customers, to engage with companies willing to improve customer experience, as well as strengthen our brand image on the Hungarian contact center and CRM markets. We also intend to share our vision and expose new trends on the market during various speaking opportunities scheduled during the show. And finally, we truly hope to interact a lot with visitors stopping by at our booth.

PCE Expo: – Your company is present in many countries, but not in Hungary. What are your plans for our country and for Central Europe in general?

F. F.: – Even though we do not have a direct presence in Hungary, we have been active on this market for some time with customers such as Provident or Intrum Justitia, and long-term established partnerships with Algotech, Alcatel-Lucent and Mellon.

Our strategy for Central Europe is based on strong partnerships with local players. Altitude works together with partners to enrich our business ecosystem with their unique services and expertise and to offer end-to-end solutions answering to the needs of local customers.

PCE Expo: – What are the challenges the call and contact center market is facing in the present? What solutions can you offer?

F. F.: – The contact center industry faces many challenges that involve people, processes and technology. Technology is playing an extremely important role as companies are looking for enhanced customer experience while fighting with lower budgets.

To point one thing out, I would mention unification and alignment with business goals. Channel, knowledge, process, and management unification.

For years, we have been debating about the rising tide of customers that use multiple media to reach a company. What was definitely a trend with the web and email adding up to the phone, has now gone up to a whole new level with social media and smartphones. Customers now use their devices anytime, anywhere, and in any way. Whenever they need to order, to request, to complain or to suggest. And companies must ease this process for them. In this new customer environment, the real challenge is to have a single view of a customer history. It is important to capture the history, no matter which channels were used by the customer to communicate. If there is one thing that particularly annoys customers it is to have to repeat their story over and over.

The only cost effective way is to have a unified contact center solution in place to ease the support of those new channels, leveraging training, processes and knowledge. You should also look for a solution that provides business metrics both at the management and at the agent level, so you can manage and measure while providing excellent, customized service. My tip: do not invest in proprietary and interdependent technology. In this fast changing domain, your business processes need to stay “above the fray.”

PCE Expo: – What products and solutions Altitude Software has to offer for the Hungarian and Central European market?

F. F.: – Customer service organizations continue to consider outsourcing their operations in an attempt to reduce costs with customer support. Hungary is providing great services and, as a leader provider in outsourcing CRM and BPOs, Altitude Software has a lot to offer. We are here also to express our commitment to this market.

Altitude Software’s solution, the Altitude uCI (Unified Customer Interaction) suite, is a comprehensive solution that enables companies to manage all customer interactions – including Voice, VoIP, Email, SMS/MMS, Fax, Messaging or Web – and gather activities in one unified environment. Altitude uCI was designed to speed up operations while simplifying the complexity of contact center management. Altitude uCI increases productivity, reduces operational efforts, and, ultimately, reinforces customer satisfaction.

The Altitude uCI suite handles billions of communications daily from a wide range of businesses, such as customer service, telemarketing, debt-collection, or help desk though several interaction channels from voice, email, social media, to mobile applications.
Altitude uCI solution is used by 7 of the 10 top outsourcers in Europe and Latin America. This solution has won over 50 industry awards that span from best dialing solution to best agent desktop.

About the company
Altitude Software is the leader in the unified customer interaction solutions sector. The company has been managing dynamic contact centers worldwide since 1993, staying independent from global platforms. We deliver a robust, yet modular solution that handles all customer interactions and unifies all touch points throughout the organization in an open solution based on standards.

With offices in four continents and a 200-strong partner network, Altitude Software serves about 1100 customers in 80 countries.